Examining Your Color Options With Your Roofer

While questions about your roof’s dimensions and the need for repairs are almost certainly topics of discussion to have with your roofer, having this professional help you choose a roof color is also not a bad idea. There’s a wide array of choices to consider, and landing on the wrong one can be an eyesore for your home for over 20 years. Therefore, when you’re looking to exchange ideas with your roofing contractor, contemplate these key ideas before settling on your final decision.

Brick Color is a Key Factor

If your home is primarily made of brick, with its accompanying color acting as your home’s exterior look, then it’s crucial that you take note of this hue before choosing the roof color. After all, changing your brick work later isn’t an option, and replacing your entire roof because you didn’t choose a color that blends well only leads to your project becoming a stressful, expensive mistake. Start with choosing a color that won’t be completely hideous when in line with your brick color. 

Complementary Colors Are Optimal

The one place you don’t want to have one consistent color up and down is your home’s exterior, so choosing a complementary color is a wise place to start. Picking out a shade that matches your home’s siding or brickwork exactly makes the entire frame look drab and unoriginal, a concept your roofer would surely address with you. However, a complementary color for your roof that stands out from the siding and trim colors will make all areas shine on their own.

Look Around the Neighborhood

Take a peek at your neighbors homes to differentiate their exterior siding colors from their roofing colors. While you don’t need to directly follow their lead on style, picking color options that work alongside their shades will be better for your property value and simply maintaining a refined look in the community.

When it comes time to pick a roof color, ask your roofer for their professional advice. In the meantime, consider these scenarios before making the final call with your roofing contractor.